The Annual Fund is Mayfield's cornerstone fundraising initiative and supports the school's current operating budget. 捐献给年度基金提供即时的资源来丰富教学, 激励学习, 并加强MJS提供的强大教育经验.



Annual Fund designations give you the opportunity to designate your dollars to the area of Mayfield that resonates with you while supporting programs that are at the heart of a Mayfield education. 赠予这些领域的礼物, 或者去最需要的地方, supports the current school budget and ensures a continued tradition of excellence.


  • 最需要的地区

    An unrestricted gift allows Mayfield to utilize your contribution where it is most vitally needed, 通过推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的支持直接使学生受益, staff, 和程序.
  • Athletics

    Supports the physical growth and development of Mayfield students and teaches the importance of fitness and health. The athletic and physical education programs emphasize cooperative learning while instilling motivational strategies, 每个孩子的领导能力和自信心.
  • 信仰的形成

    Supports the religious and spiritual development of each child and instills a sense of community and family in all aspects of a Mayfield education. 信心生活是通过晨祷来培养的, masses, 宗教类, retreats, 还有圣餐计划.
  • 美术及表演艺术

    Enhances opportunities for Mayfield students to participate in programs such as drama, music, 以及视觉艺术. The integration of art in a child’s education encourages the discovery and development of creative potential and individual talents in a supportive environment.
  • 学费援助

    Supports Mayfield’s commitment to enroll students with a diversity of talents, backgrounds, and experiences by providing tuition supplementation to families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend Mayfield.

The Annual Fund supports faculty and students through the school’s operating budget. 在不太可能的情况下,直接捐款超过了基金的预算限额, 推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜 reserves the option to direct the use of such funds to the area of greatest need.


为了纪念梅菲尔德小学的成立而建立的, 1931年的圈子 recognizes donors who have made a leadership gift to the Mayfield Annual Fund.

成员在捐助者的年度报告中得到认可, invited to leadership events and thanked for their commitment to supporting 推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜’s annual needs.


给合作伙伴 demonstrate their philanthropic partnership with 推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜 with annual donations of $5,000元或以上存入年度基金.  我们认可以下捐赠伙伴级别:

$20,000  圣婴合作伙伴
$10,000  梅菲尔德合作伙伴
$5,000    学校合作伙伴负责人

除了《推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜》的好处, 赠予伙伴收到赠予伙伴鼹鼠皮笔记本一本, 邀请参加独家领导捐助活动, 以及学校领导的特别沟通.


科妮莉亚·康纳利协会 celebrates the loyalty of donors who have made gifts to the Mayfield Annual Fund for five or more consecutive years, and by doing so carry on the commitment to Holy Child education of the society’s namesake, 科妮莉亚康纳利.

We celebrate the following qualifying levels based on the number of consecutive years giving:


科妮莉亚·康纳利协会感谢每一份礼物, 无论大小, 确实对推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜产生了影响.



  • 什么是年度基金?

    年度基金是推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的首要筹款事项. It raises critical philanthropic dollars to support the daily operations of the school during the current academic year. The Annual Fund represents 8% of Mayfield’s operating budget and allows the school to fully achieve its mission.
  • 为什么梅菲尔德有年度基金?

    学费约占推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜年度预算的85%, with the remainder being drawn from the school’s endowment and Annual Fund donations. 推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜 maintains a tuition cost that is both competitive with peer independent schools and manageable for our families. 不像学费, donations to the Annual Fund allow our community to provide budget dollars via tax deductible donations.
  • 为什么我的参与很重要?

    At any level, 参加年度基金是对我们学校的信任票, our faculty, 以及我们的教育使命. 你的参与鼓励其他人和你一起支持学校. Strong Annual Fund participation is a benchmark used by foundations and corporations when determining grant recipients.
  • 我可以指定我的钱花在哪里吗?

    而所有捐献给年度基金是不受限制的, Mayfield’s family of funds allows our donors to direct their support within the Annual Fund to one of five areas the school has identified as core pillars of 推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜. 捐献给年度基金的捐款可定向给下列人士:
    • 最需要的地区
    • 信仰的形成
    • Athletics
    • 美术及表演艺术
    • 学费援助
    无论你选择哪个领域, your gifts supports the current school year budget and maintains Mayfield’s tradition of excellence.
  • 为什么对最需要地区的支持如此重要?

    Annual Fund gifts to the 最需要的地区 provide Mayfield the flexibility to use the money where it is most vitally needed. 在梅菲尔德小学的各个角落都可以看到年度基金, 从校园到人们再到节目. Unrestricted giving ensures that all aspects of the MJS experience are funded.
  • 为什么早期支持对学校如此重要?

    A gift or pledge early in the year is advantageous because it enables Mayfield to know how much money will be available to support the current school year’s budget. The earlier we receive your gift, the earlier we can put it to work for our students.
  • 我如何向年度基金捐献?

    • Go online to 然后用信用卡捐款.
    • 把支票寄到405 S的教务处. Euclid Ave. 帕萨迪纳,加州91101
    • 请致电626-229-2117
    • 提供股票或有价证券作为礼物. 欲了解更多信息,请与教务处联系.
    • Check with your employer to see if you might be able to take part in a Matching Gift Program.
  • 我可否以付款方式缴付周年基金承诺?

    Donors may choose to fulfill their Annual Fund pledge using an installment plan. Many donors find that utilizing monthly or quarterly payments makes their donation more manageable than giving in one lump sum. 你可以在 or contact the Advancement Office at 626-229-2117 to discuss the payment option that would be best for you.
  • 我以其他方式给梅菲尔德小学捐款,比如福利. 为什么我也要向年度基金捐款?

    We recognize that there are ample opportunities to support 推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜 and your participation in all of them is appreciated. The Annual Fund is Mayfield’s top fundraising priority as your gift goes to work immediately because every Annual Fund dollar supports the current year’s operating budget. Your Annual Fund contribution directly benefits the students, faculty, staff, 和程序. 通过慈善活动筹集的资金将直接捐给MJS捐赠基金.


Linda Bass
626.796.2774 ext. 2213